The Gospel: It’s a Beautiful Thing

I was on Spring break this past week so as you can imagine, I was very productive, completed everything I was told to do, and met all my deadlines.

Totally. Working. Hard.Photo Credit: gillicious

Totally. Working. Hard.
Photo Credit: gillicious

Alright. Perhaps I wasn’t as productive as I should have been…..Alright. Perhaps I wasn’t productive at all. But everyone needs some downtime, right? Right. Moving on.

My sister and I actually traveled to Chicago this weekend. Around Christmas, I had purchased tickets to see my favorite band Flyleaf perform at the House of Blues in Chicago. Because we’d never been to Chicago, my sister and I decided to make a mini-vacation out of it leaving Saturday morning and getting back late Sunday night. We ate at an overpriced, overly fancy Italian restaurant where we ended up ordering appetizers because we couldn’t read the menu. We got rained on and walked around in soggy shoes for most of Sunday afternoon. We even toured Sears tower, 103 floors up in the air.

It's cool. I'm tough as nails.

It’s cool. I’m tough as nails.

The highlight of the night by far was the concert that evening. We got lost several times in our attempt to find the building going the wrong way down a street more than once. We finally gave up on our desire to blend in with Chicago culture and pulled out our map. Once we got to the actual building, we waited in the rain for about half an hour and finally got inside. While Flyleaf didn’t come on until three hours later
(two opening acts), it was well worth the entire trip.



I started listening to Flyleaf when I was a freshman in High School about six or seven years ago.  This was before I was Christian, so I really just listened to the band for the music. I knew that the band had some religious undertones to it, but I never appreciated it because my familiarity with Christian music stopped at cheesy campfire songs. As I’ve become Christian and matured in that faith, I’ve come to love the band more and more as their music continues to speak to me.

There’s something truly awesome about seeing a band live. You think you know all their songs, all their voice inflections, and everything they’re trying to tell you, but then, you see them perform it live and the songs take on completely new meaning.

I’ve said before that I feel comfortable with a stack of books and papers on God. There are times when I don’t pursue God’s mysticism and don’t take time to just rest in Him. Flyleaf definitely helps with that. I could definitely feel the Holy Spirit Sunday night, as songs that I’d heard for years brought me to tears. Several times, I thought to myself “Is this the same song I grew up listening to? How did I not hear this before?”

How beautiful is the Gospel that we can find it in a small rock venue with a band from Texas 2,000 years after Christ died? How beautiful is the Gospel that despite having a day of trudging through the rain without an umbrella, I could be refocused back to God that night? How beautiful is the Gospel that it can take ordinary, everyday circumstances and turn it into an extraordinary worship experience?

That’s right. That’s our Gospel.

What about you? How have any of you experienced the transcendence of the Gospel in your everyday lives?



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