Life as a Journey

I enjoy the afters

the pounds lost, the addictions overcome, the relationships mended

I love the success story

the poor made rich, the lame made to walk, the blind made to see

I like the ends

of stories, of movies, of lives

But I’m not part of the process

therefore, I play no part in the conclusion

I don’t live in the pain of grief

I don’t comfort the afflicted

the impoverished of spirit

the hurting, confused, and weak

I don’t help the man on the side of the street take that first step

I inhibit, I reject, I cut off

But He is helping me

Despite rejecting His children, He has not rejected me

Despite not loving His children, He has continued to love me

Despite my pride, He is changing me

He is in the thick of it and invites me in

He leads me into problem areas

into the lives of the broken

into dangerous places never gone before

He teaches me that it’s not the after that matters

But it’s the journey

that its the scars, the wounds and tears that make us who we are

that our bodies matter, our lives matter, our souls matter

that, yes, the after is great but the story itself truly matters

that part of God’s redemptive Grace

is living with us in every aspect of our lives

the before and the after

He is teaching me to appreciate the lives of those around me

He is teaching me to show and to reflect His Grace

He is teaching me what love really means

Banner credit: Dietmar Temps via Compfight cc


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