What is Worship?

As I’ve stated before, I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic churches for the beginning of my life but never had a real relationship with God or understanding of Christ. My knowledge of Christianity was very juvenile. I believed that Christianity was primarily a moral exchange religion.

A man needed only to do good things, and then he would gain God’s favor. He needed just to go to Church every day, do a bunch of good things and do relatively little bad things before getting prizes from God (i.e. health, wealth, happiness and heaven). I viewed church as the place where God resided and where people went to worship God.

The concept of worshiping God outside of a church building was just recently introduced to me. Sure, I understood that God was all around us, but I suppose I just thought that God liked to hang out in church buildings. I assumed that the best way to worship God was through reading old hymns in a large group of people while being directed by great singers. If any of these elements were missing, worship wasn’t happening.

But then God began to open my eyes.

Sometimes in the middle of elaborate light shows, loud guitar riffs, angelic voices and thousands of participants worship can seem cold, hollow and empty. Then, when standing with a group of tone deaf friends singing a chorus of broken voices and flat notes, the Holy Spirit moves so beautifully among you all that you just know that God is glorified.

I have found that worshiping God can happen at any time, any place and anywhere as God draws you closer to Him and reveals His glory to you. When the leaves rustle in the deep green woods, when the birds chirp in the quiet morning and (not trying to be cheesy here but) when a young child bellows a deep laugh, God is glorified.

Pay attention this week to the ways God is talking to you and calling you closer.


2 responses to “What is Worship?

  1. zephyr Re: Nugent calling himself moderate, this seems to be an increasingly popular ploy among rightwingers (we’ve seen the phenomenon at TMV as well) and goes back to the apparent belief that if you lie often enough and with a straight face your lie will morph into truth for a certain percentage of the audience. Anyone with a crcdp-eteator will want to leave it set on 11 for the next half dozen months.

  2. Victoria, I always so enjoy reading your delicious blog and looking at your beautiful photos. Re: today's recipe, is Remo's cheese (especially the ricotta) sold in town or do you have to go out there to buy it?Thanks so much,Marilyn

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