Traveling to a new state every few years isn’t the most typical way for someone to grow up, but for me and my military family, it was this wide perspective that molded my brother, sister and I into the individuals we are today. I am one of three and the middle child in my family. I always told my brother and sister that while mom and dad love us all equally, they just like me more. I finally graduated from high school in 2010 (it was touch and go there for a while), attended community college for a bit, graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in Religious Studies.  I currently attend Asbury Theological Seminary, pursuing a Masters of Divinity.  I love to read. I frequent several blogs of contemporary theologians. I have a bookcase full of books as well as a kindle. (I can’t decide whether I like the feel of a book or the convenience of an e-book) I drink way too much coffee.

I do talk about a lot of Christian-related topics on this blog. I am identify most with the Wesleyan tradition of theology, and I’m a skeptic turned Christian. I may not always see the big picture, I will stumble, and I will question why, but I know God does know, and He’s always willing to take our ashes of guilt and shame and trade them for a crown of beauty. (Isaiah 61:3)

God-willing, I’ll continue to write on this blog, sharing my thoughts about the world and observations along my journey.


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  1. I have decided to follow your blog based on a comment you made on Cole Ryan’s post about Christians being “cool” or not cool…I love what you said in entirety. Thanks!

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